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Assassin's Creed II and Assasssin's Creed

Gepubliceerd: vrijdag 17 februari, 2017

Corey May, who wrote the script for Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed II and Assasssin's Creed: Brotherhood will be the person responsible for writing the script for this game achievements Hiiro no Kakera Kostuums
. Is the game's lead designer Alex Hutchinson.

The gameplay has been improved significantly Anime Nederland
. Fighting mechanism will focus on how the character moved and affected a lot by the speed and momentum to run, plunge into an enemy of gamers. The upgraded engine also allows the main character could so many new and unique movements, support for fighting abilities and combos during fights. Developer wants players to move seamlessly throughout the battle and the new camera system will display a visual image and cinematic as possible. Free-running has changed, allowing Connor was climbing up trees and cliffs, swinging through the trees swinging between or even go inside the house while being chased. In addition to murder, track goals, Connor can also hunt for skinning sell to make money, but Connor could also be targeted by bloodthirsty predators, such as wolves or bears. The value of an animal depends on the weapons, how to kill them and blow your network. Taking down the bear with one cutting will make pelt obtained valuable to kill him several times with multiple stab, or killing them with guns.

Altair ibn La-Ahad, an assassin was sent to the Middle Ages as a mission from the Union to regain killer holy wine glass from the strivings of both teams Crusaders and the Muslim army. Altair strive to find three magic keys and then headed to Jerusalem to confront the Templars military leader here, Basilisk. Upon arrival, Altair recognizes no sacred drink at all, but there is a woman named Adha has revealed that Altair was ripped off by killer named Harash, a double agent for the Templars Guilty Gear Kostuums
. After killing both Basillisk and Harash, Altair has attempted rescue Adha, who was kidnapped, but failed. The game ended with being taken to the merchant ships Adha, leaving Altair in the Holy Land.