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Blue Devil confronted Nero and managed to dismantle some

Gepubliceerd: vrijdag 17 februari, 2017

Blue Devil confronted Nero and managed to dismantle some of the demon's short-term plans at the cost of his own life. Cassidy's death, however Anime Nederland
, turned out to be temporary, since he came back to life as a true demon.2 Ironically, Cassidy had been a devout Catholic, but now he was despised by the Catholic Church and could not put his foot inside consecrated. Years later, Nero succeeded in putting Eddie Bloomberg against his former idol, destroying his friendship and trusting seemingly forever, and condemning Eddie to Hell in the future and Cassidy a lifetime of remorse.

Blue Devil rejoined the Justice League until his second death at the hands of Niebla, who bathed him with holy water. The bones of Blue Devil were recovered by Sebastian Faust and this later, he was able to return his life to help re-ignite the fire of Hell during the argument of Day of Judgment Lollipop Chainsaw Kostuums
. With the opportunity to confront Nebiros and his magical trident that apparently received from the very King of Lies, Blue Devil contained Nebiros and removed the trident, which allowed Firestorm to take the final blow while, on Earth, the Other Sentinels of Magic saved the world.

Later, Blue Devil joined the Sentinels, becoming Faust's companion, which created a very tense situation. In an apparent act of kindness, Faust grants him his freedom by returning his last missing bone. Blue Devil sacrifice her life once again during a bout with Hermes Trismegistus; But as hell he is, he returns to life with the mission to travel the Earth with the Trident of Lucifer to return to Hell all the escaped demons.

A year later, Blue Devil works as a porter at the "Oblivion" bar, an interdimensional site for magical beings, and is recruited by Ragman, Enchanter) and Detective Chipancé to confront the Spook (see Revenge Day).