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In the square of the neutral zone surrounded by private houses

Gepubliceerd: dinsdag 14 februari, 2017

Lords: Julius Monterey / Appearance Works: Heart & Anniversary & New Edition & Twin, Theatrical Version

In the square of the neutral zone surrounded by private houses and commercial houses, narrow stone pagodas with Roman numerals line up in a circle, and a tall tower is located at the center. In the middle of the tower there are two needles protruding sideways, clocked from the sky. The interior of the stone tower is filled with many gears, equipment and long stairs, and there are almost no rooms other than the kitchen and private room and working space of the living space of Julius. The top floor is a corridor-type viewing space that overlooks the country of Heart, a place where the hero first goes down after being taken to Peter Castlevania Kostuums

Although "Clover" was left behind in the heart of the heart, it returns as a part of the clover tower where Julius's private room and the door were connected by "Joker". But the location of the tower and the plaza itself is still the heart of the heart.

There is no one other than Julius resident in the tower, mostly the afterimage is taking over as a substitute for collecting watches. However, Ace is in charge of the robbery of the watch hidden from the surroundings who refuse repair, and the repulsion of those who attack Julius from the grudge.

Lords: Nightmare = Gottschalk / Appearance Works: Clover & New Edition, Joker

The tower was based on green, where the building was arranged to look like the club type of playing cards from the top, on the site surrounded by a triangle with a fence. The upper part of the entrance is a colonnade, the arrangement of the furniture in the room is designed to be a club type, and decorations of clubs are given everywhere. A huge facility with basic food offerings and accommodation facilities that allows most of the invited guests in the tower to be accommodated in the tower. In the room inside the tower, there are "door rooms" where many doors and long staircases are intertwined like trick art, gravity is ignored, and the main character is distracted.

In "Joker" Julius joins the tower members, but unlike gray it did not become a member of Nightmare. Also, the season of "winter" also came and it became extremely cold heavy snow zone. By that, with my own favorite of Nightmare, events such as Christmas and Snow festival raising the territory are frequently performed for a long time.

Under the hood, black and white monotone suit is regularly used. On the land pattern of the neutral zone, it is pacifism overall as a whole, only serious and diligent men. Those who are afraid of Nightmare but can not leave their unreliability can be left alone, those who take care of themselves, those who admire because they are following Gray, are gathered under the unusual charisma of Nightmare, I am used to it.

Lords: Joker (only when "Joker") / Appearance Works: Clover & New Edition, Joker, Mirror

In "Clover", a forest that grew dense, appeared as an amusement park that disappeared when moving. Boris and piercing are in place, but it is not in particular the territory of someone else Anime Nederland
. A meaningless arrow guide board such as the colorful mushroom of the primary color, "The way home is here" overflows here and there, partly becomes a "door forest" inviting the main character doubly like the room of the door of the clover tower.

By "Joker" it became a circus camp site, Boris and pierce moved to the amusement park where it returned. On the whole it was decorated with balloons and accessories, but some were greatly maintained and became large plazas, huge tents of red and yellow were set up, and members of the face without peace practicing and living It became a place to run. But once it comes to the opening day, it will be a big celebration around the awning where all kinds of stalls such as games, food and drinks, small items shops and street performances are narrowed and narrowed. On the other hand, a stone's widely dimly prone prayer appeared before the hero like a daydream. The joker of that strange space and military uniform in which the toy rolls and the prisoner who got imprisoned was imprisoned will beckon the hero to the prison where the hero's surviving person was imprisoned.

The mirror lake which appears in "Mirror" is a vast lake which appears always beyond a crystal stone like a pillar that stands like a pillar where it rained through a damp forest with rain or rain all the time. There is no sign of life on the bottom of the water, and it is always calm down Dead or Alive Kostuums
. According to the Joker who welcomes the hero often, when the lake awakens soon from sleep, it will show the truth as a watercolor.

In prison, afterimages that used guard clothes like military uniforms are used for prisoner's takeovers and the like. There seems to be exchanges of documents and work as the same official, Julius and Ace are occasionally coming in and going out. Members of the circus are a part of prisoners who were given pardon and there are various age-old and young faces without face, but in particular the combination of a young girl with a bowl with a black hair and a boy with a blue clown clothes is often used as a hero .