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Items that can be changed to what I thought from the three time

Gepubliceerd: dinsdag 14 februari, 2017

Items that can be changed to what I thought from the three time zones of this world - daytime, evening, and night. Units of hours, minutes and seconds are also in this world, but since the three time zones are randomly interchanged, it is unreliable, so residents live on the basis of time zones.

Before the system of this work became the Novell form - When it was the initial turn system, as an item to change the time zone which was the condition of occurrence of the event, it is necessary for the player to actually use it during the game done. It is falling in every corner of the country, and it is possible to obtain it at the time of a victory when the visit ended in a missed swing and a mini game.

A small glass bottle containing a mysterious bitter medicine whose main character was forced to drink from a white rabbit. A transparent body like a tubular crystal has one heart-shaped carving, a lid with a heart, it has become the main character's belongings since it was picked up after taking it. Drinking contents made it impossible to return to the former world, but medicine accumulated in touch with the inhabitants unexpectedly, and the hero thinks that if the bottle is full it will return.

Among the rules that the lords are obliged to regularly hold, the big event organized by the game organizer of each country. At the time of holding, there are various rules such as attendance of all official dresses, dress code of formal dresses, 'Do not compete as much as possible' while participating, the organizing hosts all attendees as a guest as carefully as possible Anime Nederland
. As emphasis is placed on gathering, the quality of the event is not asked, the contents depend on the preference of the organizer. Also, the treatment of the period of the session varies depending on the event, the ball is only overnight, the meeting and the circus are short term only at each holding date. Measurement sessions and caucus • games are counted as intervals between all three times.

Held at the Hall's castle hall by Vivaldi at "Heart", "Anniversary", "New Edition". All rooms in the castle will be opened as rest areas because it will be held throughout the night.

At "Clover", it will be held several more days in one holding, it will take several more times [3] Nightmare holding summit. Just after a move to the country is held, it is definitely a discussion, but Nitemea 's rudely organized swing and face - to - face does not rarely give a proper aspect of discussion, so almost nothing is decided. Attendees in the meeting are in principle to stay in the clover tower, but it seems that some of them are staying in inn near the tower.

At "Joker", a show event of a show to be held several times by a circus team led by Joker in the forest tent [4]. Many of the program titles listed in the program are not foreseeable in the fairy tale.

At the "diamond", gambling events by country, saying that Crista organized the national strength of each territory to compete for victory or defeat. In all three matches, among the things measured by dividing the national strength into five military, technical, economic, natural and national citizens, one lord joins each time to compete for the height of that number Alice in the Country of Hearts
. Each lord's thought flies like where to go out in what kind of country in the 3rd round, whether to raise the prestige by winning at the survey meeting, to make profits by betting on his subordinates, and moisturize the bosom.

A match-up game where Jericho opens at the Coliseum in the painting at "Mirror". Although Phoenix is an immortal that does not work any weapon, such as a special gun, Phoenix is to drop off the big birds - phoenix birds that ride each other earlier than usual, but deciding winning or losing is nearly irregular losing and game abandonment A game called by name calling for the Caucus race from circulation. Three holdings were held in two games once, and more than two people from each territory fight in the skies above the Colosseum, separated by two, with players of other territories chosen by lottery Assassin's Creed Kostuums
. However, since Crista is a woman, participation is exempted even if the number of people is insufficient. Without a face you may be interested in watching and betting at Colosseum, but tournament fighting at the underground stadium is also being done.