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Marc Silvestri was a painter for Uncanny X-Men

Gepubliceerd: maandag 27 februari, 2017

From 1987 to 1990, Marc Silvestri was a painter for Uncanny X-Men. He then was succeeded by Jim Lee, one of the cartoonists are fans of the series X-Men.

After the X-Men back to Westchester and Professor X returned to Earth early 1991, Marvel clean up X-Books publications. Rob Liefeld artists The New Mutants team moved into a military force, X-Force, led by a cult of war is Cable Anime Nederland
. The first group of X-Men X-wiped name Factor and merge into the X-Men, some of whom have been modified compared to previously. Beast has sprouted green plumage and achieved a Ph.D. geneticist. Angel, now Archangel, has been completely transformed by the 5000-year-old super mutant Apocalypse and green skin plus steel wings. Meanwhile, Havok, Polaris and many other mutant X-Factor group formed a new government under.

To make room for this group crowded X-Men, Marvel create a new series, was named the X-Men. With a plot of Claremont and Lee's paintings, the series premiere "Green Team", including Beast, Psylocke, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops and Wolverine. Uncanny X-Men, written and drawn by Lee and Whilce Portacio, launched the "Golden Team", consisting of Colossus, Iceman, Archangel, Jean Grey, Storm and Bishop, a live X-Men with guns outlawed from the future . Professor X, Jubilee, Banshee and Forge X-Men team up out of the war; Banshee and Forge was soon gone because of various reasons.

Paintings by Lee and Liefeld highly admired, plus the reorganization of such groups makes X-Men became strong favorite Avengers Kostuums
. The first edition of the X-Force and X-Men became two of the best-selling comic book of all time, creating a boom in sales for comics speculators.

While successful, the internal friction has split songwriting team the X-Men series. Claremont leaving behind only the X-Men trilogy due to the dispute with Lee and editor of Marvel, ending fifteen years writing for the X-Men storyline. A few months later, Liefeld and Lee also left Marvel along with many other artists (including Silvestri and Portacio) to established carriers Pictures Comics.

The attraction of the X-Men continued, with episodic cartoon very much fans of Fox Network: X-Men Animated Series debuted in 1992 Batman Kostuums
. In Uncanny X-Men then assigned to Scott Lobdell writes script with Joe Madureira painter who introduced Japanese comics in the United States. X-Men is also continuing with a new writer and artist Fabian Nicieza Andy Kubert.