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marks a turning point in the series with Street Fighter Alpha

Gepubliceerd: woensdag 22 februari, 2017

The year 1995 marks a turning point in the series with Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (in Japanese: Street Fighter Zero). Innovation is mostly visual. The graphics of Street Fighter II were more or less realistic, the characters and the scenery of the series Alpha slicing with a style very close to the manga. We note in this opus the appearance of characters coming from another game of Capcom: Final Fight. There are also some characters from the first Street Fighter Anime Nederland
. As for the scenario, the action takes place before that of the series of Street Fighter II, which allowed to present characters rejuvenated.

The following year, fans of fighting games are entitled to Street Fighter Alpha 2 which is a huge success. The game innovates in particular with the level of combat techniques with a new management of the combos. It will also be adapted on Super Nintendo, despite the obsolescence of the console.

The Street Fighter Alpha series ends with Street Fighter Alpha 3. All the elements that made the success of the previous games are present: a varied choice of characters (including the 16 characters of Super Street Fighter II in the console versions, in addition to Characters from the Alpha series), an equally rich gaming system with different modes; But the fans reproach him the disappearance of the remixed themes of the previous opus, as well as the change in the manipulations to make to make the projections and the Alpha Counters. The management of the combos is further refined, with possibilities of judges much more extensive.

In 1997, the series hit the streets of Street Fighter III: New Generation and its two suites: Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact - Giant Attack and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future. All three were released on Dreamcast in 1999: the first two in a compilation named Street Fighter III: Double Impact and the third separately under his own name LovePlus Kostuums
. These games stand out for their highly detailed animation and graphics, as well as a new game system and many new characters. Unfortunately, the high level of technicality of these episodes, the purging of veterans and the growing public appeal for 3D combat (among others the Tekken saga of competitor Namco) Business. Capcom has decided to create a version "Online Edition", found on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network since August 2011, which has given new life to the game.

The game remains very played despite the release of Street Fighter IV for precisely this technicality that gives depth never seen in a fighting game, and the tournaments on it remain frequent around the world. The enthusiasm was therefore delayed, as long as the purists are doing to the idea of the revival of the series.

In 2008, Capcom released Street Fighter IV on an arcade, then in 2009 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, as well as on PC Lucky Dog1 Kostuums
. A version for the Wii console being, according to Yoshinori Ono (producer), "potentially achievable" but he would not want a lower version2. The game is made in 3D, in high definition, but retains a 2D gameplay close to the old titles. The intention of Capcom being to reconnect with the past while guaranteeing a possible adaptation of the new players3.