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The castle at the other end climbing the slope that appears as i

Gepubliceerd: dinsdag 14 februari, 2017

Lords: Vivaldi / Appearance Works: Heart & Anniversary & New Edition & Twin, Clover & New Edition, Joker, The Movie Version

A giant wall with white walls, with its red roses blooming hedges laying on a plateau overlooking the labyrinth like a labyrinth. The castle at the other end climbing the slope that appears as it goes through the garden has a red heart motif everywhere, and it is over-decorated. It is said that "most painful castle" is mostly in the role of the role holding the leading character, except Vivaldi.

In "Joker" BioShock Infinite Kostuums
, the season of "spring" has come, and colorful flowers overflow, making it a warm and easy-going land. Reflecting that the castle town is also Vivaldi, many shops such as clothing are seen. Also among popular people, there are popular singers who ridiculed Vivaldi who wants to ridicule their head regardless of the presence of sin, and Peter's belly blackness which carries out a vengeful unruly administration, There is no heart "about the servants who are said to be climbing rumors.
Maids wear a headband with white aprons and red hearts in uniforms decorated with red hearts based on black. When staying at the castle of the hero's hero, the cut wearing the same clothing while on duty appears. The soldiers are assigned numbers on the chest, spears are equipped as basic equipment. Both black hair, humble and obedient personality.

Lords: Brad = Dupure / Appearance Works: Heart & Anniversary & New Edition & Twin, Clover & New Edition, Joker, Diamond & Mirror, The Movie Version

Brad's private property with a roofed house that makes a hat imagery, a number of teapot design fountains, a vast garden that always has tea tables and chairs set. There are also hidden rooms such as secret weapons stores so as to also hold a face as the home base of the domestic leading Mafia-Hatter family. The rose garden which exists in one corner of the garden is a splendidly careful but never goes to those who do not have permission of Brad. Although relatively popular with the people, there are few ordinary people approaching the mansion, as Dee and Dam are chopped without enemies and customers in front of the gate and many traps are played on play.

In "Joker", the season of "Autumn" comes, and it is the land where high-quality ingredients gather, whether it is fruitful richness or a gourmet Brad's influence. However, in the "diamond," factions still in the process of being controlled by the factions are often subjected to raids, and the village streets of the bullets and some circulation are stagnant and somewhat rough.

Employees who also serve as members of the family are constantly wearing roses, red feathers' hair ornaments and black mini huts in uniforms where cards are decorated in various places based on white. Men have their hair ends bouncing and women twisted curls, but both are blond. Also, it reflects the boss's love of love, all people dislike boredom all at once, tone of constantly wringing tone, roots are agile and brutal. When staying at the hero's hat store, the cut that is wearing while working on a mini hat appears in the same uniform as the maid.

Lords: Mary-Gorland / Appearance Works: Heart & Anniversary & New Edition & Twin, Joker, Theatrical Version

A great entertainment facility built by Gorland who left the marquis territory. Admission gate lined with colorful and surreal buildings marked as a dazzling landmark Anime Nederland
. It is much more contemporary than other territories, such as screaming machines and cart-mounted horror houses, wagon cars at shops, and floats of electric decorations. As Boris is dexterous, he undertakes maintenance of attractions in amusement parks, but also gives unprecedented and unreasonable remodeling and pink coloring, so he occasionally buys Gorland's anger. In the center is a brick-colored wall with people's horse design, Gorland's private residence with big decoration in a merry-go-round shape on the rooftop, Boris and pierced, it becomes a dormitory when staying in the hero.

Although it was marginalized in the heart of Heart in "Clover", the restored "Joker" boasts a variety of attractions with the addition of pools and parades due to the "Summer" season, but a coffee cup type roller coaster And free falls, Gorland's somewhat too special sense is also noticeable.

Employees are based on yellow on both men and women, uniforms with light blue elephants and decorations. It seems to be an amusement park with curled brown hair color, everyone is wearing gloves and overreaction of voice, powerful and high tension Bayonetta Kostuums
. It is supposed to be under Gorland, but it is somewhat different from others, and scenes that are overwhelming rather than admiring Gorland can be seen as a chillahora.