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The game was released on Sony's PlayStation 2 platform

Gepubliceerd: woensdag 22 februari, 2017

Final Fantasy X is an electronic role-playing game developed and distributed by Siegwer (now Schaecker Aix) for the final Fantasy Series Episode 10 of the Final Fantasy X (English: Final Fantasy X). The game was released on Sony's PlayStation 2 platform in 2001, and after 2013, it was screened for "Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Heavy", which was broadcast on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. Game logo Final fantasy series from full pre-rendered background to full three-dimensional scene, also marked the series began to enable voice Pokemon Go Kostuums
. "Final Fantasy X" replaces the Instant Combat (ATB) system with the "Calculate Time Battle" (CTB) system and uses a new upgrade system called "Magic Ball".

The game is set in the fantasy world history of pira, about the line of adventurers to defeat the devastating monster "Xin" and set foot on the story of the journey. Players role Tita is a water ball star, in his hometown Zanar Candel was destroyed after being found himself in the history of Pila. Shortly after arriving in Spirace, Tita joined the ranks of Summons Saints pilgrimage and eliminated Xin.

"Final Fantasy X" has been developed since 1999 with a budget of more than $ 32.3 million and a team of over 100 people Anime Nederland
. This is the first biography of non-planted husband in the independent music of the game, the choice of pine vane and Zhong Ye Shun also cooperation soundtrack. "Final Fantasy X" won the comment and commercial success, the global sales of more than 6.6 million. The sequel "Final Fantasy X-2" was released in March 2003 and was the first final fantasy game.

"Final Fantasy X" and the same as before, are using the third person perspective; players directly manipulate the protagonist in the world with the object or character interaction. However, unlike the predecessor, the world and the town map is fully integrated, and the area outside the town is also displayed in the same proportion. In case of an enemy, the screen will switch to the turn-based battle screen, the player's role and the enemy will wait for their own rounds of action.

Unlike the early works of the free-moving overlooking the world map, almost all of the area of Final Fantasy X is directly connected. The area is connected in a linear fashion, that is, there is usually only one road, but after the flight in the late game, you can instantly move to the Sparrow locations. The area almost all use the three-dimensional picture, the lens will move with the characters change. And the series before the similar, "Final Fantasy X" also has several small games, which fictional underwater sports "water bucket" the most well-known

"Final Fantasy X" to count time battles (Count Time Battle) (US version called "conditional turn system battle", Conditional Turn-Based Battle abbreviation CTB) system to replace the "Final Fantasy IV" from the use of real-time combat (Active Time Battle ATB) system. ATB's philosophy uses real-time elements, and CTBs are waiting for the player to operate in a turn-based form, so the CTB design allows the player to select instructions in a time-free environment. The chart timeline at the top right of the screen lists the action objects in the subsequent rounds, and the selected actions may change the turn order. Players in the battle can control at least three roles, and through the replacement system at any time to replace the players. You can play a high attack of the special attack limit to "overload" in the name of "Final Fantasy X" in the re-emergence. Most of the skills to use key input to strengthen the power. Although the role of the beginning can only be a strong attack after the increase in overload, but then you can switch to other unlocked overload growth mode.

"Final Fantasy X" uses a call system that is very different from the series before the game. Before the work using the summon beast to launch an action and then disappear the way, and the "Final Fantasy X" summon the beast will completely replace the fighting team until the summon beast to win the battle Resident Evil Kostuums
, be defeated, or be recalled by the player. Summon the beast has its own ability value, instruction, special attack, magic and overload. Players in the course of the game can get 5 summoned beast, in addition to the task by completing the feeder line to obtain three summoned beast.

As before the series, players can beat the enemy and get props to develop the enhanced role, but the traditional experience value system is replaced by the new "magic ball" system. There are a lot of ability and ability nodes on the phantom disc, and the nodes are connected by a predetermined route. Different roles are upgraded by default when each character is upgraded, and each character will raise the "Scorpion Ball Level" (SP) after obtaining a sufficient capability value (AP), and the player moves on the scrolling ball by consuming a scented ball , And use the "magic light ball" props to unlock the ability on the node.

Players can be through the magic ball system will be the role of custom for the Italian fighting function, such as the white magic mentor career Youna into physical output hand, the swordsman Aolong to treatment. "International Edition" and PAL zone version of the game to join the optional "expert" version of the magic ball plate; in this version, all the roles are from the central cartoon, the player can choose the route to take the disk. In contrast, the total number of nodes in the album layout is reduced, and the ability to enhance the ability of the game is reduced.