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The overlap between the facts to spread

Gepubliceerd: maandag 27 februari, 2017

The overlap between the facts to spread, and it is an annual event during the 1990s constantly growing sales, but fans began to complain that it was struggling to hide the status flute wear evident. Some facts stand out in this period are:

The X-Tinction Agenda (Planning destroy - 1990), the government said on Genosha, a fictional island off the coast of Africa where those mutations detention.

The Muir Island Saga (Muir Island Legend - 1991), the return of the X-Factor and Professor Xavier.

X-Cutioner's Song (In cases of X-Cutioner - 1992), the story of copies of Cable posing as the leader X-Force to take the network Professor X, and enemies archenemy of the X-Men come from relatively hybrid, Stryfe. He was arrested and tortured Cyclops and Jean Grey, Cable and Stryfe parents.

Fatal Attractions (suction disastrous - 1993), Magneto back, pulled out of the body Adamantium Wolverine, Professor Xavier forced to brainwash him Captain America Kostuums
. This is the sequel to the Bloodties (phylogenetic constraint).

Phalanx Covenant (Treaty Phalanx - 1994), a meeting of the Transmode Virus infected consciously penetrating X-Mansion, kidnapping many unknown mutations (such as Husk), and planned to destroy them . Phalanx is prevented by a small number of X-Men are not disabled, later also appeared in the series Generation X. alternating followers

Age of Apocalypse (Mission Legion / Age of Apocalypse - 1995), Professor X was killed by his own son, Legion (David Haller), when it travels through time to the moment before he founded X- Yeast. An alternate present has appeared, which ruled the South American Apocalypse and the X-Men Magneto leadership against his return.

Onslaught (1996), dominated all of the Marvel comic series for two months. In this scenario, Professor X lost the ability to control his power, and the ugly parts of his personality turned into Onslaught, an almost supreme entity, it only defeat at the link between the Di human, Avengers and The Fantastic Four groups (Divine Quartet).

Operation: Zero Tolerance (Zero Tolerance Campaign - 1997), X-Men army against the government the green light to conduct a campaign to hunt down the mutants.

The other important circumstances including the massacre (the massacre) Morlocks tape; Iceman learned to improve their capacity, now he can freeze the whole body; name murdered family Colossus and his desertion from the Acolytes of Magneto groups; Psylocke discovered the cause of her transformation from a man into a killer acres Asia; Rogue and Gambit love affair between; Jean Grey Marvel Girl nicknames instead of Phoenix, to respect Rachel and entities in outer space Anime Nederland
. Rogue gone after accidental access memories Gambit; Bishop deal with memories from a time discrete certain uncertainty; Psylocke and Archangel almost killed by Sabretooth, causing them to leave the group; Wolverine turned into a bizarre creature dumb after Magneto removed Adamantium; Iceman left the group to take care of his father, when he was attacked by those mutants proscription; and Gambit expose a dark secret: he is under his Marauders joined Sinister.

The 1990s witnessed a large number of X-Books salary, with those kind of stories both short- born. Generation X long story, with the accession of a group of other teenagers mutants, and X-Man, X-Men have added a powerful young (Nate Grey - Cable legacy versions) come from the Age of Apocalypse ( Apocalypse era). Marvel also published the series for many applications such as Cable character, Gambit, Bishop and Deadpool, an assassin opposed to X-Force Battle Royale Kostuums
. In 1998, two story collections Excalibur and X-Factor ended, replaced by a series Mutant X with the accession of Havok.