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The stay in Australia ended when Storm and Rogue are believed to

Gepubliceerd: maandag 27 februari, 2017

Also in this period, as alternate, the X-Men series also appeared in two short stories: The Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men (the Quartet's Divine against Hetero) and X-Men Vs. the Avengers (Avengers fight mutants). Its storyline outcomes serial suspended part of "The Slaughter Di Human", which frontman Mr. Fantastic Quartet Dr. Divine and enemies Doom play a key role to save Kitty Pryde.

After alternating series Fall of the Mutants (The collapse of the X-Men) in 1987, in which the X-Men die and live again when fighting the demon Adversary in Dallas, the group moved to an abandoned base in Australia for a short time Anime Nederland
. This period witnessed the launch of the Reavers, a group of mercenary cyborg, interspersed with series Inferno (Hell on earth), which revealed that Madelyne Pryo is a copy of Jean Grey by Mister Sinister created. The mutants of both groups X-Men and X-Factor warring against Pryor, has now turned into a frenzy and the Goblin Queen, along with groups of demons she created. One of the climax of the story is the merger of the two groups of X-Men and X-Factor-X-Factor does not know that the group X-Men alive, and X-Men, Jean Grey thought that was dead Arthur Curry Kostuums
. The stay in Australia ended when Storm and Rogue are believed to have died, the remaining members decided to frustrating and perilous Siege, a crystal, said the fate of each person. Claremont took the opportunity to put two names in the past Dazzler and Longshot (two people are married and have a baby). Unlike other members, their news very rare. In 2005, Dazzler reappear in new Excalibur group, also appeared in Exiles longshot.

In late 1989, the company began to release Marvel Uncanny X-Men twice a month, enabling Claremont write a general plot for the X-Men edition. In 1990, the series The X-Tinction alternating Agenda (Planning destroy) has reorganized the X-Men, including Storm, Banshee, Wolverine, Psylocke and three new members:

Forge, an American Indian with creative energy into things that are not modeled.

Jubilee (Jubilation Lee), a young woman who has the ability to generate energy blasts, she called fireworks. Jubilee went stowaway in a picnic of the female X-Men. She's in the same place they camped for weeks without being discovered, until at Wolverine escape the cruel hands of Lady Deathstrike.

Gambit (Remy LeBeau), a skillful thief can be charged on all things (often prefer to use the cards) and make it explode when thrown Arrow Kostuums
. APPEARANCE enchanting help him influence the perception of others, persuading them to believe and accept what he is given.

The last battle in this period, The Muir Island Saga (Legend Muir Island), is the battle between the X-Men, X-Factor and some allied with implacable enemies of Professor Xavier before, Shadow King.