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While Dracula is in her sleep

Gepubliceerd: vrijdag 17 februari, 2017

The story is 50 years before the events of Castlevania 64.While Dracula is in her sleep, a woman, Actress and a man, Gilles de Rais, ask Death to bring him back. During a funeral ceremony accompanied by a sacrifice, Dracula returns to life Kanon Kostuums
. The player can then see a summary of the action explaining that a wolf man, Cornell, has become able to master his wolfman alter-ego at the cost of many sacrifices. The player will thus embody Cornell throughout the adventure.

The action then returns to a village in flames, destroyed by an army of skeletons. Cornell arrives in front of his house, devastated. He discovers before the pendant of his sister, Ada. He then decides to pursue the skeletons to find her. As Cornell arrives in the castle wall, the door in front of him closes. Appears then Ortega, another beast-man that Cornell had defeated Anime Nederland
. Cornell notices that Ortega is behaving strangely. He discovers that Ortega sold himself to Dracula. After escaping from inside the walls, Cornell arrives in a strange villa. He then fights the master of the house, whom Dracula has turned into a vampire and chasing his wife through the house. Mary then asked Cornell to help her son Henry escape from the house. Cornell entrusts Ada's necklace to Henry and makes him pass through the forest. He then fights Gilles de rais. As an actress appears, it appears that all this was only a test. Gilles de rais says besides that "he should not make pale face to Him" (implied, Dracula).

After crossing the many towers of the castle, Cornell is assaulted by a werewolf ten times more powerful than him. Ortega appears is explains to him that this man did not know how to control his powers. After defeating the monster, Cornell launches in pursuit of Ortega. In a final battle, Ortega is defeated, and explains that he was obsessed with his defeat against Cornell and thought of using Dracula's powers in front of him. In the clock tower, Cornell finds Ada, who is immediately captured by death. After finding Ada and Dracula in the dungeon, Dracula explains that Ada is actually a survivor of a village massacred by werewolves, whom Cornell had gathered in the hope of doing penance Kingdom Hearts Kostuums
. While Cornell is about to face Dracula, Ada is absorbed by the latter. Confronting Cornell's choice to kill his "sister" and to let evil dominate the world. Cornell decides to fight Dracula.

While Dracula, returning in the darkness, takes Ada with him, Cornell substitutes her wolf form to Ada to save her.